Why Does the Location of Your Magento Hosting Matter?

Why Does the Location of Your Magento Hosting Matter?

Every Magento store owner understands the importance of the page loading time and wants his Magento store to be as fast as possible.

But do you consider the Magento Hosting location as a parameter while selecting your Magento Hosting provider?

We will tell you why you MUST do that!

Impact of Server Location for Your Magento Hosting

We want to highlight the fact that how important it is to opt for a server location from where the maximum users access your Magento store.

Server location affects the Magento hosting:

  1. Lower Latency
  2. Faster Connectivity
  3. SEO Advantage

#1 Lower Latency & Faster Magento store

Latency, although very very small when seen as an independent metric but it makes a lot of difference when multiple calls are made for fetching various assets like images, Js, CSS from the origin server.

For an Indian user accessing a Magento website hosted in India, the latency is typically ~50ms whereas it will be ~300ms if the Magento website is hosted in the US.

Why Does the Location of Your Magento Hosting Matter? image1

So, almost 6x slower for an Indian user when your server location is the US. The overall effect is not 6x but still, it is considerable.

We tested one of our customer’s Magento stores hosted on our low latency Indian servers using Pingdom from the Netherlands as well as US locations.

The Time To First Byte (TTFB) has a significant difference in both cases.

The TTFB, when tested from the Netherlands, was 0.7 seconds and when tested from a US location was 1 second. So, a 300 ms difference in this case. Screenshots are attached for reference.

#2 Connectivity

Connectivity between the two regions is a point of failure. In networking terms, the more devices your traffic has to pass through – the more likely the potential for failure.

After all, if your traffic has to transit 2 devices, versus 10 devices, there is 5x less risk of failure.

So, hosting in a region where maximum users of your store are located is naturally going to be more reliable, because there are fewer parts involved.

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#3 SEO Benefit of Magento Hosting Location

The location of your Magento Hosting server does have some effect on your ranking in Google.

The search engine tends to make an assumption that if your IP Address comes from India, and your top-level domain is .in, then you’re probably based in India.

It will assume that your business is, therefore, more relevant to someone searching from India.

Moreover, the faster website ranks better than slow websites. And server location plays a critical in website speed.

Wrap Up

You have to study your analytics to find the location from where the Magento store getting the most hits.

This way you will be able to serve the content to those places quickly, retaining the visitors.

YouDBox provides servers at multiple locations and guarantees a 3-second loading speed. Want speed? Contact Us.

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